Email marketing has been around for a while now. But with the advent of social media, email marketing is outdated, right? Wrong. Email campaigns are a trusty old companion. 85% of U.S retailers in as recently as 2017 divulged that email marketing was one of their most effective customer acquisition approaches, in a study by Return Path. Let’s explore the main reasons why you need to start email campaigns, or why you need to up your email marketing game overall!

Customizable and Personable

With email marketing, you can segment your audience into lists and thus create more relevant and valuable content for them. Marketers that utilize segmented campaigns note exponential increases in revenue. Also, with email, you get to address people by their name, an approach that has been proven to be more effective than generalized messaging.

More Effective than Social Media for Client Acquisition

Not to shoot down the incredible importance of social media, but email marketing converts more people into a business’s ‘fan club’ of customers, supporters, and goodwill.

Economical and Cost-Effective

Email campaigns cost almost nothing, and still, they generate the most significant ROI for businesses. Compared to traditional approaches that cost postage, printing or expensive media network ads, email delivers surprisingly more, for way less.


With email, there’s no being stuck in the woods or guessing games.  You can know:

  • how many times links were clicked
  • if your emails got opened
  • how many people subscribed or unsubscribed

This data is very useful in evaluating the success of your email campaign. Also, it helps you gauge the overall success of your internet marketing efforts.

Action Oriented

The inherent nature of email is that people are highly likely to interact with it – whether replying, flicking through, forwarding of even making a purchase. Whether your business is just breaking ground or has been around for a long time, using email will guarantee you results.

It’s clear that email marketing has the potential to convert more prospective clients into buyers, create more intimate relationships, and help in sustaining your customer base. At DotCom Marketing, we are there for you to make sure you reap all the benefits of email marketing. Contact us today.