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What Is Remarketing & Why Do I Need It?

Introducing an aggressive form of PPC - REMARKETING! You've likely been there before. You visit a website (let's say Amazon) to check out some new product (like that shiny new laptop you've been considering). After reading the description you click away, distracted by...
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7 Different Types of Content Postings

Social Media Marketing is Essential. Get Familiar With These 7 Different Types of Content Posts. It's true that modern technology has become exponentially popular, making it easier than ever to promote products and interact with customers. Okay, so you've got your...

Why You Need To Incorporate Email Campaigns in Your Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a while now. But with the advent of social media, email marketing is outdated, right? Wrong. Email campaigns are a trusty old companion. 85% of U.S retailers in as recently as 2017 divulged that email marketing was one of their most...
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Avoid Being A Marketing Spammer

How To Avoid Spamming With Your Content Marketing Strategy As more people live their lives digitally, the digital marketing landscape has gotten increasingly complicated. We all get the promotional emails, texts, phone calls, and many other forms of social...
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5 Reasons to Use Online Marketing in 2021

The 5 Reasons Listed Below Will Help You Understand Online Marketing & Its Importance In 2021! Even before Covid-19, people's first encounters with brands were beginning to take place primarily online. But in the midst of this pandemic internet usage has surged...