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2019 Conversion Rates Comparison

It's estimated that nearly 60% of all ad spend in the US occurring on just two sites - the digital advertising duopoly of Google and Facebook - most advertising campaigns start and stop with those two platforms. There are lots of considerations that should go into...

Lead Forms on Facebook

THE HOT CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE ON FACEBOOK: LEAD FORMS Many businesses have had great success carving out their particular space on Facebook where they promote their products and services, answer questions from customers, and in general, create buzz and excitement about...
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The Scoop on Facebook Video Ads

Looking to include Facebook video as part...
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COVID19: Morphing Marketing

Although the world's recent crisis has adversely affected countless businesses in the U.S., it has also become the catalyst for many other businesses who are seeing a significant demand for their products and/or services. While some will likely be able to stay in...
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3 Great Reasons to Hire Dotcom Marketing as Your Digital Marketing Agency

Looking at ways to expand your consumer base is always a top priority for a business, and working with a team that has all the resources you need creates a path to success. One of the most effective ways to reach new customers is to partner with Dotcom Marketing, a...