Are You Utilizing Today’s Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Your Business?

If you own a business, it is vital that you have a social media presence. Those who do not have online social media accounts are missing out on free advertising, or merely being noticed at all. It is rare for someone to use to phone book to find a business. Ten years ago, you might have had a chance of being noticed in the “yellow pages”, but that is a thing of the past. This begs the question, what social media accounts are best for your business and where do you start?

When to use Facebook: In all instances. Start there. Most people Facebook users. It is easy to use and folks of all ages will see your postings. You can use hashtags to make your posts come up in searches. For example, placing “#docomarketing” after a post will allow our users to find us and other postings about us on several social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

When to use YouTube: If you have a message to tell your followers, if you are giving instructions, or if you want to post a free commercial for your business. Youtube is excellent for product demonstrations, explanations and more. Be aware that the quality of your video will matter to your audience.

When to use LinkedIn: In all instances. This is the social media for professionals. The site allows you to post your work experience, links to your business and find like-minded folks who would make great business contacts. You can even export your entire email list and use it for your email campaigns!

When to use Instagram and Pinterest: If you have a creative profession. If you own a restaurant and want to show off pictures of your edible creations. If you are a landscaper and want to show people your landscapes. If you are an author who wants to promote your book. You can photograph your book and share pictures of yourself in your work environment. This app offers filters to allow you to make really amazing photos. Photographers, artists and many others should use this app to promote their work.

Twitter is an essential source for businesses because Twitter offers a “Twitter for Business” account you can follow and a great tool that will prove to be valuable in the search engine results page.

Google plus is gaining in popularity as a trusted review website and news source. Verifying your business location on Google plus is similar to being listed in the Yellow Pages. You can follow businesses much like you can on Twitter, the nice feature of Google plus is that you can create groups for online interaction based on interest. You can invite people to be part of a small social group so this way you are not lost in the vast new overload of images and postings on other social media sites. Your followers can see what you post and it is less cluttered because you have control over the size of your client base, and can divide people into smaller groups as you see fit. This is ideal for working in groups online to complete projects.

All in all, you should try to use as many forms of social media as you feel that you can maintain. Each one appeals to a different audience and since you need to generate as much business as possible, it is best to be seen in several places with a reputable and trustworthy brand image. ALL businesses need a social media footprint, let us help you to create and properly manage yours!


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