Is Twitter Good For Your Business? Find Out.

Twitter is a fast-paced microblogging platform that has changed the way information is distributed more than any other medium in recent history. Users can stay current with a high-volume of events in real-time and this makes for a very engaged market. The question is, who is the primary user on Twitter?

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Twitter draws a young crowd. Men and women between the ages of 18-34 are more likely to be engaged with Twitter.

Twitter users tend to live in urban areas. Three out of 10 urban residents use the platform as compared to 15% of those in rural and 20% in suburban neighborhoods. They follow brands and use the information found to make decisions. If you have a presence on Twitter you are more likely to engage with this audience.

Twitter users who use the platform as their primary source of social media are very dedicated. They tend to engage with the site and the content more than other social media users. They check the site more often, statistics show that primary mobile users include Twitter in every major part of their day, waking up, commuting and while out with friends. Connect with your followers throughout the day, but target times when they will be most likely to check the site. Usage peaks between the hours of 3 and midnight.

Twitter users engage more with the content they see. They are not just scrolling. Twitter uses create tweets, click on links, retweet and favorite 76% more than the average Twitter users. This information means that Twitter users are amplifiers. If they like a brand and it’s Twitter feed, they will engage.

The bottom line is Twitter users connect your brand to users in real time. Want to learn more about leveraging this platform in your marketing campaign? Contact DOCO MARKETING. social media marketing doco marketing danielle caudill