dotcom marketing digital marketingAvoid looking like a scammer and getting scammed.

Unfortunately, scams are still alive and well online, attempting to cheat people out of their money through some attempts that are more impressive than others. However, there are certain ways to tell when an offer in the form of an ad is a scam based on some tell-tale signs that set them apart from legitimate offers.


Untrustworthy Pages

If you visit a webpage through an ad and find that the page looks suspicious in any way, it’s best to leave right away. Even if an offer is tempting, consider the design of the page; does the page look cheaply constructed with unattractive colors, images, and layouts? If the content itself is poorly written and littered with grammatical errors or strange formatting, these are all red flags that should turn you away.

Sales-y or Repetitive Content That Offers No Real Value

Another sign that you’re encountering a scam is if the content of either the ad or the corresponding webpage make an offer that sounds too good to be true, without any real value. Be wary of ads that promote “great savings” or other offers that sound hollow and more like a mere attempt at getting you to submit your info to them, without any tangible value to you. Also, if the content is all about them and less about you, this signifies that they’re only in it for themselves.

Unsecured Site

dotcom marketing digital marketingEvery website today that requests sensitive information of any kind should be a secure “https://” address, as opposed to an unsecured “http://.” If you don’t see an “s” at the end or the image of a lock next to the URL in your browser, this means that the page isn’t secure and won’t keep your information private. If the website doesn’t include a privacy policy, this is another sign that you should stay away.

Pressure to “Buy NOW” Without Any Request for Contact Info

While legitimate businesses will want you to make a purchase quickly, they’ll usually do so with tact. If you come across an ad that urges you to buy immediately without any initial request for contact info, the seller is probably not interested in anything other than taking your money.

Taking these aspects into account, you can more easily identify an online scam. To learn more about how to avoid a scam or avoid seeming scammy, contact Dotcom.Marketing and get help with your marketing from experienced professionals. Contact us today.