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Launching a social media strategy is probably one of the most important and exciting decisions you can make if you are a small business or an entrepreneur with a new product. Business leaders all want one thing, good results that are cost-effective, so how can we work to boost the results? Simply work to optimize the social marketing strategy to include sharing!

Here are a few screaming reasons why you should be launching a sharing-focused social media strategy.

Increased Organic Brand Awareness 

If you want to grow your brand’s awareness with out spending more, consider launching a sharing-focused social media campaign strategy to get the most organic bang for advertising buck. The more your users see and engage with your social media content, the greater potential for increased reach and the greater their awareness of your business becomes! People who have had success or have familiarity with a brand often recommend it to friends by sharing, increasing its visibility and the likelihood of them signing up. Let’s not forget to mention the accessibility across various social platforms allows you to continue engaging customers with targeted unique brand messaging. This often allows great potential for sharing-focused strategies, giving you extended brand exposure!

In addition, there can also be many benefits to your customers. For example, if you are promoting a new product or service, users of your social media channel will be informed of any changes or updates to the latest release. Another example would be a group or network worthy invite to an event or place. sharing-focused content is often most successful and engaging with subliminal messaging that is proven to promote significantly higher impressions! Click here to ask us for messaging secrets.

Extended Reach (More Business Opportunities)

social marketing - social media sharingWhile the benefit above is significant, the real benefit of launching a sharing-focused social media campaign is online users have an easier time finding and using your services or products. It’s all about the user experience at the end of the day! While running sharing-focused social media campaigns, remember that catering to the audience’s action driving incentives is of great importance to extend paid and organic reach with social shares. With this in mind, you will likely find yourself aligned for a very cost effective campaign. An excellent example of this is Instagram’s story sharing capability, which is growing rapidly popular due to its ability to share content that connects people with effective brand marketing.

If you want to promote your brand through social media, consider using our navigation mainly for setting up for social media success. We can easily create a custom campaign for your specific business and help you find the best platform to reach your target audience. Dotcom Marketing company can help you find the best social media platforms to promote your product or service. If you are looking for ways to grow awareness and increase sales, our team can help you. We can create a custom campaign for your specific business and help you find the best platform to reach your target audience. If you need help with a social media campaign, contact us today! We would be happy to guide you on the new lead generation you could be missing out on by not utilizing a sharing-focused campaign strategy.


Dotcom Marketing is available to assist you pinpointing ideal social media platforms and curating the sharing-focused strategies to better promote your marketing efforts.