Many businesses have had great success carving out their particular space on Facebook where they promote their products and services, answer questions from customers, and in general, create buzz and excitement about what they have to offer. For those who want to go a step further, Facebook also offers another helpful sales tool that allows businesses to collect contact information from potential leads, directly on the Facebook platform.

Make Inquiries Convenient

When someone is interested in a company’s products and/or services, it’s important to make their inquiry steps as easy and convenient as possible. Nothing turns off a potential customer faster than a lengthy process to follow for a simple inquiry. This is why offering instant forms directly within Facebook is such an easy and convenient way for customers to get in touch with a business.

Generate Leads With an Instant Form

Facebook makes it easy to generate leads by presenting potential customers with an instant contact form after clicking on a company’s Facebook ad. Beyond asking for basic contact information such as name and email address (which may already be prefilled from their Facebook account), Facebook also allows businesses to customize their lead forms to collect other pertinent information that businesses want to know upfront about their leads.

Make the Process Seamless

Once lead data is collected, Facebook again makes it easy to gain access to this data by either downloading the data directly from a company’s Facebook page or their Ads Manager account. It is also possible to transfer the new lead data to a CRM system such as Salesforce or Mailchimp.

Instant Form Advantages

Using instant forms on Facebook is convenient, the forms look and act seamlessly, and Facebook’s instant form is already mobile-friendly by default. This means businesses don’t have to create their own landing page, nor do they have to ensure a landing page works for both traditional desktop and mobile backdrops because Facebook does it for them.

If you’d like to know more about how to set up an instant form on Facebook, please contact us!