Podcasts are all the rage. Some have just as many listeners as their radio counterparts. Brands have learned that people love to listen to the radio while they’re on their way to work and back home again, so getting a slot during these times will help boost their brand. Unfortunately, unless you’re a big name brand, it’s hard getting in front of an audience. That’s where podcasts come in.

The great thing about these shows is that listeners actually want to be listening. They’re not just tuning in to pass the time, they’re actively interested in the topics they’re listening to. If you want to reach a specific niche audience, it’s time to get noticed by podcasts. Here’s how:

Research Podcasts in your Niche Market

If you’re a dog product company, you don’t want to waste your time trying to get featured on a podcast about shoes. It’s simple to find popular podcasts in your niche. Type into Google, Podcast + “your niche”. You’ll get hundreds and even thousands of results. Go through each one to make sure they’re right for your brand and create your listing.



Write a Killer Press Release:

Press releases can get a little boring, especially for journalists and media members who read hundreds a day. Use your brand’s fun and creative voice to craft a release that speaks to the niche you’re writing about. Images and Videos are a great way to add style and voice to your writing, too.

Write Personalized Pitches:

These will go along as an introduction to your press release.

No reporter is going to reply to a generic pitch that you sent to 100 other people. Now that you’ve created a list, go back through and learn about each podcast and their podcasters/journalists. If they’ve recently reported about something similar to your brand, put that in your pitch. Prove to them you know what their brand is so that you can promote yours effectively. For example, if you’ve recently created a new interactive dog toy and you found out that one of your listed podcasts has multiple articles about toys, you should read them and personalize your pitch based on the information you read.

Send and Follow-Up:

Start with sending to a few places and waiting to see if they reply.

You may have to follow-up if you don’t hear back within two weeks. Don’t get impatient. These people are just as busy as you are. Following-up will help increase your odds of getting noticed as many reporters can accidentally overlook your first contact attempts.

Don’t get discouraged if at first you don’t succeed. The reason why you want to send to a few places at a time is that it may take multiple edits of your press release and pitches to effectively convey a story that podcasters absolutely have to report. Keep editing, deleting, and starting over until it happens (and it will).

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