Is your business a match for Google Customer Match? Well…

As an online advertiser, your business is likely already reaching prospective customers in the course of your paid search campaigns. But when it comes to Google advertising, there’s an incredibly robust tool that you may not have taken advantage of yet. Like Facebook Ads, the Google Ads product offers advertisers the ability to target known customers with whom they already have a relationship. (For more on Facebook Ads, check out our post on Facebook ad targeting strategies)

Why Use Customer Match?

Google’s feature – called Customer Match – allows advertisers to target tailored messaging to customers based on the wealth of information they may already have stored, including their past transaction history and personal information. One prime example would be in the case of an upgrade campaign with a targeted promotion for customers who had previously purchased version-one of a product. An advertiser could build a campaign comprised only of past purchasers of that product, and through Google Customer Match, serve them a personalized Google ad.

While many brands use email marketing as the primary channel for their personalized marketing focused on customer relationship building, advertising channels like Google and Facebook are valuable platforms for doing just that, as well. Broadening your campaign beyond email marketing can increase its effectiveness and also help you reach customers who are non-contactable on email or who are email-unengaged.

Eligibility for Customer Match

While Google Customer Match has near-universal appeal, it, unfortunately, is not universally available to advertisers. In order to take advantage of this incredible tool, the following must be true of your organization on Google Ads:

  • A history of complying with Google ad policies
  • A good payment history
  • A Google Ads account that’s more than 90 days old
  • A minimum of $50,000 of total lifetime spend on Google Ads

If you meet all of the above requirements, Google Customer Match is only a few steps away.

How to Enable Customer Match

To create your audience, you’ll upload a spreadsheet with customer information. Be sure that your source file matches Google’s specifications exactly. From there, ask us to create your campaign – in Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Gmail, or Display – and you’re off to the races. Expert campaigns are able to be created and managed or just built for you to manage!! Ask us about both options!

Need help kicking off your personalized ad campaign or confirming that you’re eligible for Customer Match? Contact Dotcom Marketing today!