As influencer marketing continues to take more space in the marketing industry, several trends are emerging that any savvy marketer should look out for. When it comes to influencer marketing, knowledge is power. Check out the top trends of 2019: 

Podcasts and Video

Marketers are now adding more value for their audiences by the use of videos. With edited photos taking root in the world of imagery, people are going to trust fresher, more authentic content. Tutorials and product evaluations are slowly creeping in. Video content doesn’t have to take so much time, so create more meaning for your audience with this approach.

Influencer Audiences’ Verification¬†

Nowadays, anyone with a social media account can buy fake followers. Companies exist whose sole purpose is to generate millions of these. Thus, businesses are wanting to make sure that an influencer’s audience is “organic.” This means that they’re ensuring that their marketing efforts are reaching real audiences. One way to avoid falling to the fake followers’ pitfall is by using verified reporting features. These allow you to ascertain if the influencers’ account followership is made of real people.

Measuring Return on Investment (ROI)

As more brands invest more in influencer marketing, there’s more need to track the success of campaigns. Evaluating the metrics of these campaigns will help your marketing team identify:

  • which platforms have the most reach,
  • which influencer has the most impact and
  • what kind of content resonates best with audiences.

Micro-Influencers Are Making a Mark

Big-time celebrities are not dominating the influencer space anymore. Marketers now realize the value in working with people with relatively fewer followers, but who have more time to engage with their followers. Also, marketing efforts are more likely to achieve real impact if an influencer is interacting with their followers about the brand, creating more trust.

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