What is branding?  It’s the face and voice of your business, a combination of everything you use to present yourself to the public. Whether you’re in the planning stages or have been operational for some time, unique, quality content and consistency in branding is an essential aspect of developing your marketing strategy. Let’s consider some important factors about communicating with your prospects through words.

Narrow Your Target Market

How do you capture the essence of your business in words? Remember that you can’t be everything to everyone. Who is your primary target? What are their characteristics? Consider such demographics as age, gender, profession, annual income, race, and religion, and tailor your content to their perspectives and characteristics. For example, “Millennials” are often identified as being born between 1982 and 1996.

Clearly Communicate

Finding out all you can about your demographics, geographic market, and etc., will allow you the opportunity to better tailor your marketing strategy to their values and needs.  For example, these prospects are typically very savvy about buying online and value discounts above many other qualities. Refining your online marketing strategies to speak to emotions of your audience is important as we all adapt to the changes and challenges imposed by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) threat.  As you define who your audience is, this will aid in developing a style and tone of the words on your website and other forms of social media as you speak directly to that market!

Quality Content is KEY

Give the people what they want to hear! Digital content needs to be informative, fresh, relevant, and compelling, yet there are other considerations as well. For example, it’s important to identify and incorporate keywords so that you will optimize your website for search engines, but also talk about things that your audience is interested to know. Text and headings need to be properly formatted and accurate, yes. They also need to be interesting and captivating. Keep your words concise and easy to read. Working together with you, Dotcom.Marketing can help you capture the uniqueness of who you are and what you do in words.

Dotcom.Marketing experts are well-known for providing industry specific expertise with the trending digital best practices to help you promote your message to your prospects in clear and effective ways. Your business will grow and change over the years, and adjustments will be needed. Get assistance as you continue to evaluate the effectiveness of your message and every other part of your brand.

Would you like to learn more about our services? Contact Dotcom.Marketing for a free digital marketing audit or an informative consultation! We’re confident that we can help you strengthen your brand and achieve your goals through individualized and effective marketing strategies.