Choose the right digital marketing strategy for the right generation. 

dot com marketing dotcommktg With the amount of time and effort that goes into marketing online and across multiple devices, it’s important to choose the right content vehicle for the right generation to really open the doors for new business.  The way these interests form is based on the social aspects of users’ younger years. With this mindful demographic approach to marketing, you will better clarify messaging online and increase response rates. No one wants to waste advertising dollars chasing the wrong audience, so we’ve provided a helpful list of online behavioral breakdowns per each generation.

Millennials: In the 18-35 range, millennials grew up with a technological explosion ranging from the birth of the Internet to mobile devices. They are the primary Internet users and spenders, but they need concision and incentives to catch their attention, which is accustomed to jumping from one thing to another quickly. They love infographics and are likely accessing your marketing from a mobile device. If it’s video, make it short, and if it’s written, make it even shorter with a snappy headline. If you can offer some sort of “guide” or “hack” to improve their lives, you’ll have a greater success rate with millennials. This age group is keen on seeking DIY materials or what Google would call “micro-moments”.

Generation X: This generation is now 35-50 years old, so they grew up without the Internet, but their interests are still quite similar to millennials. It doesn’t matter how amazing the content is – if it’s long, it’s probably going to lose their interest. But because many of them came into the Internet early through their occupations, they love some of the earlier mainstays such as email newsletters and testimonial videos. Their consumption method could be mobile or desktop, depending on the individual. This generation is looking to professional help and doesn’t want to wait.

Baby Boomers: THIS IS DANIELLE CAUDILL’S FAVORITE DEMOGRAPHIC!! In the 50-70 bracket, baby boomers love the offer of physical information by mail as it feels more nostalgic, and thus more trustworthy. They are less mobile than the younger generations, so they are likely on a desktop computer. This generation is more and more into technology every day as their children and grandchildren convince them of the benefits. Another difference is their preference for longer videos and detailed information. This age group primarily works with individuals they can trust.

Targeting your digital marketing strategy based on generational behaviors can be beneficial towards compartmentalizing marketing strategies. The team of professionals at Dotcom Marketing can help you to discover your area of opportunity concerning your digital marketing.

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