Although the world’s recent crisis has adversely affected countless businesses in the U.S., it has also become the catalyst for many other businesses who are seeing a significant demand for their products and/or services. While some will likely be able to stay in business by continuing to serve their customers in traditional ways, many others are quickly finding new ways to not only stay solvent, but actually experience significant growth with digital marketing shifts!

The ability to be flexible and innovative is a key component of any successful marketing strategy.

Strategic Marketing Adaptions

Transparent Safety Measures-  Of course, everyone is concerned about the personal safety of both themselves and their family members. To keep person-to-person contact to a minimum, many restaurants are now providing food and drink only through drive-through. Other businesses can take a cue from these restaurants by providing similar reassurance. One such example — a business or office that has a waiting room, can provide peace of mind for their clients if they schedule appointments slightly farther apart so no more than one person at a time waits for their appointment. Offer Video conferencing or another option to better accommodate your customers and show them you care about their well-being.

Flexibility – Some companies required to shut their doors by government directive have decided to switch production to other items in order to meet heavy demand. For example, a brewery shut down by state mandate quickly turned around and ramped up production of a hand sanitizer product. Whatever your business is experiencing, stay afloat with relevant digital communications. Make yourself available by phone, email, or other methods to maintain business activities.

Communicating to Customers

Address the Situation – Whatever avenues a brand uses to stay open, one of the key factors to remain successful is for a company to reach out to customers, to let them know that yes, they are still in business, or that they have gone digital.  A brief text/post/instant or direct message to current customers is an effective way to do this. Other companies decide to reach out by way of email, letting clients know about new products, while also providing reassurance that customer safety is a top priority.  Many storefront businesses are posting signs disclosing their sanitation efforts to help keep both staff and customers healthy.

Maximize Retention –  Dotcom Marketing highly recommends that you also take this opportunity to further connect with your audience by requesting that they follow your brand on social media channels and subscribe for company updates. Express to them how you are a resource and why to stay in contact. When shifting your marketing strategy to be relevant, engaging, impressionable, and helpful, this will greatly aid your brand in building long-term trust and credibility in a place with so much uncertainty.

In Summary

The upcoming days and weeks are going to be an unprecedented time. However, those companies who develop creative ways to offer products and/or services in a timely and safe manner have also been given an unprecedented opportunity to thrive. If you would like to know more about creating a positive corporate message, please contact Dotcom Marketing.