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The Google partner is a program for digital marketing companies who qualify as having sound knowledge of products and a consistent track record of success. Earning the status of Google premier partner is a hard nut to crack. Google requires the company to meet certain standards. For a company to achieve Premier Google Partner Status, it must comply with a particular ad spend level, demonstrate that they meet AdWords best practices and have two fully certified employees. To maintain these certifications, employees must repeat the certification exams every 12-18 months.

A client who chooses to advertise their products with a company with Google partner status has many advantages. They include;

a) You Work with Google Recognized Certified Professionals

Google partner organizations have staff certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics; this means they are experts in their field of work. With the Google regulations requiring the companies to have current certification, this is an assurance that you are working with people who are aware of the latest updates and know how to use them to benefit your enterprise.

b) You’ll Get Advantages of Beta Features Before your Competition

Google partner get exclusive access to beta Google applications and features. The firms test and use them to their customers’ benefit for a period before their official launching. You get a huge competitive advantage when you work with a Google premier partner because your enterprise takes advantage of the features that are not available to the public.

c) Any Account Support Tickets Are Escalated for Faster Resolution

Google Partners get direct personal access to Google support team so that they can support their clients who are facing issues. So working with such an agency means that they will save you time when having a problem needing immediate attention.

Provided with a choice, you should always go ahead with Google Partner Company to market your products.  The Google badge is a symbol that you can trust an agency and it speaks volumes about the integrity of the online marketing agency.

At Dotcom Marketing, we have been google partners for over 8 years and we have held 5+ device and network certifications for 5+ consecutive years. We’re proud to be listed as a Google Certified Partner!
As a Partner with Google, Dotcom Marketing can provide you with a $100 credit when you spend $25 on Google Ads!

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