FACT: Most people living in 2021 engage more with Video than any other form of content.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rise in remote workplaces that make employees to feel disconnected from each other. The use of video in communication and marketing makes employees feel more connected and builds trust with your clients. This is because video marketing helps you tell a story in an educative, inspiring, and entertaining way. Video marketing is desirable for SEO efforts because it helps your business rank high in SEO landing pages.

Whether video marketing forms part of your marketing strategy or not, the following practices can help you get the best out of your video marketing efforts.dotcom marketing youtube marketing danielle caudill

Set Your Objectives

Before creating a video, you need to define your video marketing goals properly. A solid understanding of your mission as pertains to video marketing minimizes wastage of funds and avoids marketing mistakes.

You can best define your video marketing objective by thinking about what your video seeks to achieve. For example, your video marketing objective can be to increase leads. Think about where your video will be published, what platforms, and where your audience will be viewing your video. This will aid in creating an easily received marketing call to action within your video messaging.

Define Your Target Audience

The main reason for creating marketing videos is because you want to reach an audience. You can define your target audience by considering your ideal viewers’ age, profession, and residence.

Draw Your Sales Funnel

You need to understand how your business’ sales funnel works. Based on the sales funnel phase where your business struggles most, there might be the need to re-evaluate your content and improve your email marketing. Share your full vision with your team from the start for clear direction.

Create Aggressive and Effective Videos

Creating kick-ass videos allows you and your employees to have so much to show for your excellent ideas. The quality of your marketing videos forms the basis of your engagement with your clients. Therefore, creating awesome videos that tell a story helps in achieving your general marketing objectives.

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