Are you aware of the success you could see with an engaging YouTube video campaign? For less than 50 cents per view, YouTube allows you to advertise so you don’t miss the younger generation.  But it doesn’t stop there, as over a billion people are active on YouTube today, businesses have a large opportunity to effectively market with the complex options provided on this advertising platform! Below are a few options that are available to YouTube video advertisers…

Target Audience

No one wants to waste money by advertising to the disinterested. Focus on a narrow group, and you’ll find the cost drops considerably. Be careful that you advertise to the best group for your product or service!

Cost Structure

You pay for each view you receive. It’s really as simple as that. The amount is based on a few factors, including target audience and video quality. This could range from $.10 to $.30 each.

Ad Format

YouTube offers six formats for your business to utilize! You may want an ad inserted during another video or an ad displayed to the side. Depending on exactly what you want, a video ad is more costly than an ad displayed during a search.

Video Qualitydoco marketing video marketing digital marketing

Nobody wants to watch a video in low quality; it’s understandably bothersome. You need a professional quality video with professional content. Our videographer is one of the best in the valley! Randy (Videographer) and Danielle (Campaign Director) have seen many successes with video advertising since they started working together 4 years ago.

Check out the picture of them in the recording studio! —>


Interesting content is crucial for a successful ad campaign, here as much as anywhere. Your video script must contain content that can be clearly understood with an offer that is irresistible to the end user.  The best performing video campaigns are typically an engaging clip that is less than 45 seconds.

Get YouTube advertising right the first time. Consult with our sophisticated team today for establishing your video marketing campaign strategy. We’ll make it painless so you can focus on what’s important — your customers.