Iron out Ad Targeting Strategies on Facebook for a better performances.

We’ve stated before that it’s reported 60% of all ad spend occurs on Google and Facebook, and it’s no surprise why: both platforms offer brands the opportunity to target large user bases, coupled with incredibly powerful ad targeting tools that enable business owners to choose precisely who sees their ad.

dotcom mktg facebookAd targeting varies considerably on Facebook, so we’ll break down the options available to advertisers. Bear in mind that both Google and Facebook can be very complementary, depending on the overarching goal that you’ve set for your advertising campaign.

Reaching Existing Customers

Facebook offer avenues for advertisers to reach existing customers who’ve engaged with your brand in one way or another. Imagine upselling or cross-selling customers who have already purchased from you. This way, brands can tailor customized messaging to individuals likely to be receptive based on their past engagement with the brand. Facebook calls this feature Custom Audiences, and there are multiple ways of creating your list to target, namely:

Finding Lookalike Audiences

facebook marketing

Suppose you have a good understanding of who your customers are. Why not target prospects who look just like them? Google and Facebook allow advertisers to target lookalike audiences in different ways. On Facebook, advertisers can build lookalike audiences based on who has liked their brand page or based on their Custom Audience (see above).

Ad Targeting on Facebook

Since Facebook knows so much about the average user – based on his/her likes, connections, and user activity – all of that data is put at the disposal of online advertisers, who can target users based on:

  • location
  • demographics – including job title, education, and a whole lot more
  • interest and hobbies
  • behavior such as prior purchase history


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