Having a blog on your website is a great way to engage and interact with your audience, as well as showing off your knowledge and expertise in your particular line of business.  However, it is always best to have a strategic plan for your blog posts rather than taking a haphazard approach.  In this post, we will outline 5 tips to utilize when planning your blog strategy.

  1. Write for Your Audience – You might think you know who your target audience is and maybe you do, but do you really know what’s been on their mind lately?  Before you start writing, do some research through the use of an email survey or perhaps take a poll through your social media outlets, to find out what solutions your customer base is looking for.  Wording your inquiries in such a way as to garner information about solutions, rather than just problems is most productive.
  2. Maximize the Use of Social Media – Most people find out what they want to know from their news feed, rather than seeking out individual sites.  Whatever you write in your blog, make sure you announce it on all your social media outlets.
  3. Use Today’s News as Content – Before writing a post, take a look at current events such as a new hit movie or song to see if you can use them to tie into your blog post.  Posts that contain information about upcoming sports events, trade shows, holidays, a best-selling book, etc. are more likely to show up in searches and it shows your company’s products and/or services are relevant in today’s market.
  4. Consider Guest Writers – Guest writers, perhaps even employees from your own company, can offer a fresh perspective or additional expertise that will appeal to a broader audience.  If you are looking for additional writers, consider those who are part of professional organizations you might belong to, or find others in your industry through sites like LinkedIn that might be interested in writing some guest blogs.
  5. Stay the Course – If you want to grow your blog and attract a larger audience, consistency is key.  Uploading a blog post at regular intervals that your audience knows is going to contain helpful information for them, incentivizes them to take regular time out of their day to tune in to your insight.

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