New Business Owners Need These 5 Things!

Enhance your online presence and amplify all marketing efforts right off the bat with these organized digital marketing tips that will put you on the fast track for brand growth. If you are starting out with a small business or just putting more efforts into digital marketing, here are 5 things that you’ll need as a small business owner to be set up for success online.

A Website.

With the increased online searching and overall internet usage recently, make sure you have reputable visibility digitally. Wherever your audience is located at this time, they’ll expect to be able to access your brand online, and across devices. Having a dynamic website will drive more traffic to your bottom-line if you do it the right way, with proper tagging, indexing, coding, and integration. It’s important that your website is easy to navigate and that it properly displays what your business is all about and how to contact you. Consider hiring a professional website designer to make sure it is done correctly and with precision for proper functionality! We have a beautiful portfolio, should you be interested.

Active Management.

Potential customers should be able to easily discover your business from a PPC campaign that targets your geographic market with profitable keywords that you’ve selected! For establishing brand recognition, current and potential clients will need to hear from you regularly with relevant information pertaining to your business. Building a relationship with clients/leads can be done digitally by responding to emails, messages, and comments. Asking for further engagement shows reliability and indicates that you are serious about what you do, and reachable – regardless of the time or situation.

Email Lists.

Sometimes people don’t want to scroll through their Twitter feed to find an update from you. Often an email will do just that. Create an email list and get creative with it. Offer incentives, update your readers on upcoming projects, and perhaps run a giveaway or contest. An email list is a wonderful way to connect with possible leads. There are many hacks to collecting client emails, and prospect emails! Our professionals can speak with you about how to hold and build your email list effectively.

Social Media Accounts.

With increased social media activity in today’s more digitally connected world, it’s no wonder people are moving towards advertising on those platforms. Many of the popular ones like Facebook and Instagram have a business feature that will allow owners like you to make the most use out of their services. Don’t overwhelm yourself though; start out with one or two platforms and build your way up. As mentioned earlier, Facebook and Instagram are great places to start.

Consulting Services.

Our goal at Dotcom Marketing is to educate you and provide you with resources to succeed with your small business. You’ll find our Marketing Director to be readily available to partner with you and explore missed marketing opportunities.  If you’d like more information, contact Dotcom Marketing. 

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