Are you spending at least $50,000 per year on Google search advertising?

Here are 4 important trends you need to know.


1. AdWords is getting expensive

First-page minimum bids for AdWords ads has gone up by 15%. Even the CPCs for Brand terms are going up by about 25-30%. The cost to show your ads on Google is headed in one direction – Up.

2. AdWords is getting competitive, as expected

The number of ad slots on desktop have been reduced from 11 to 7. If you don’t think highly of the bottom of the page for ad location, you have to be in top 4.

A leading search marketing expert predicts that the rising cost of search marketing may drive 50% of Advertisers to move away from Google.

Here’s another example of AdWords getting competitive.


3. Organic reach is diminishing

If you are relying on organic search traffic to bring you business, here’s a little reminder that SEO is becoming more and more difficult for first-page ranking. The screenshot below that shows why it is going to be a tough proposition with the continuance of evolved campaign space.

Here’s a recent article on above-the-fold monetization and ad labeling that highlights prominence for ads. Also, starting July 2016, Google is showing 4 text ads on mobile.

4. Irrelevant traffic could be a problem

If you don’t have a professional that is paying close attention to the traffic your search ads are receiving, there is a chance that, at least, part of your budget is being spent on irrelevant traffic. Some times that amount could be as high as a million dollars. Ouch!

Comprehensive research says advertisers are not paying enough attention to fix irrelevant traffic. 50% AdWords accounts did not add a single negative keyword in only the last 30 days!! Our campaign manager is actively checking campaign click quality, sometimes all day long!

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