Though it might not seem like the best idea initially, you should definitely be staying connected to your email on your work phone. At first, it will seem cumbersome, especially with reconciling different email platforms, but it is definitely worth the price. The truth is that everyone and their children are now fully utilizing MOBILE DEVICES. By embracing and adapting to the new mobile trend, you’ll be able to stay updated while on the go!

doco The first step is to ascertain what email client you will need on your phone, and what is the best way to access it. Some people prefer to integrate Outlook and sync their calendars to their phones, others prefer email clients such as Gmail, or Yahoo. Work with your IT department to see what the best options are in terms of functionality and security.

There a number of reasons why you should have work email on your phone, here are the top 3:

1) General awareness

Having work email on your phone means that you are always able to keep up with rapidly developing situations, and it helps you develop your instincts when you are working under pressure to respond. It will not only keep you informed of what is going on, even in your absence and you will have written records of what is going on.

2) Managing inbound leads

Staying connected to email via your phone is an essential component for managing inbound leads. It enables you to respond quickly to any queries, or situations that may arise and demonstrates that you are responsive and good at following up. People appreciate quick and accurate responses, and having email on your phone will allow for that.

3) Helps avoid work hiccups

Having email on your phone not only keeps you informed, but also helps you avoid any work hiccups that may arise. From bad reviews online to the aggressive comments on social media. You will want be able to respond in a timely fashion and have written records of any developments or situations. It will also help in managing team members, and keeping track of what tasks are delegated to others. It will also aid in keeping track of any deadlines or important details.

Ultimately, having work email on your phone may seem stressful or overwhelming in the short-term, but it will be incredibly beneficial overall once it is implemented. To learn more about how email helps you stay connected, please >> Contact Us <<.

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