With the never-ending changes, Facebook is starting to feel like a mystery. Organic reach has taken a nosedive, and it is leading to uncertainty in marketers and brands, and rightfully so as one cannot tell the way forward.

Despite the changes and uncertainty, Facebook changes do not necessarily herald tough times ahead for business. Not by a long shot, and Facebook remains the top platform for marketers.

Here is how to make the most of these changes:

• Focus on Video Especially Live Video

Facebook prioritizes posts that get engagement, and video drives more engagement than any other type of content. Therefore, Facebook is advertently giving more preference to video, and preferably native video.

You should also emphasize Facebook live video to create real-time content. Moreover, the platform produces notifications for such videos, which is a bonus.

• Search Ad Placements

Facebook search ads are here, and they are rolling out to more advertisers. These are a new type of advertisement on the platform, where you (as an advertiser) can bid to have your page appear on the results, provided your page matches the user’s intent.

The ad allows advertisers to cash in on demand capturing instead of demand generation. Again, we have to emphasize the visual aspect especially video. Focus on video content to increase engagement with your ad.

• Group Post Topics

Groups are Facebook’s most popular feature, and engagement in groups is going through the roof. However, it is chaotic as there is a lot of chatter driven by different interests.

Group post topics will be tags on posts to categorize different posts making them easier to find.

• Changes to Reach Calculation

Facebook is changing the time frame between impressions for them to be considered as unique reach. Consequently, it might seem like you are getting fewer impressions, but it is all an effort to make the analytics as accurate as possible.


While we are losing a few things thanks to Facebook changes, we are gaining new functionalities. Search ads and group post topic tags are especially exciting and something to test out. I welcome you to contact us to learn how to make the most of these changes.