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  • increased reach and visibility to quality prospects
  • tracking of inbound activity
  • engagement and interaction rates
  • conversions and ROI per platform

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Types of Modern Media – What Exactly is Traditional Marketing?

What is "traditional marketing?" Traditional marketing can be thought of as an "outbound" strategy for obtaining and maintaining business. This strategy relies heavily on print advertising, direct mail marketing, broadcast advertising, telephone marketing, cold...
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Risks in Duplicate Content

Duplicating already published content is bad for your online presence. For those looking to expand their business description and/or better explain products or services online, it might seem like a great idea to find content inspiration or even pre-written information...
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How to Ask for Reviews

Businesses large and small need reviews online. Here's how to get them and why... Receiving customer feedback, both positive and negative, is very important for a multitude of reasons. By being willing to accept even criticism, an organization can show their clients...
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Radio, meet Social Media

Revitalize Radio Returns in One Word: Engagement Radio has long been one to the traditional means of advertisement for businesses small and large alike. Concise, localized, and targeted are some of the greatest attributes of advertising over the air, but what about...
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What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)? How Does It Work?

What is PPC? How Does It Work? If you've been looking at your online marketing options, you've come across pay-per-click marketing. But while PPC is an old standby when it comes to advertising on the Internet, it can seem confusing for those who've never used it...