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Marketing that generates inbound activity offers the greatest value to businesses – and that’s exactly what we do! @DotcomMktg is a boutique digital marketing firm comprised of freelance professionals that are managed by one Independent Marketing Director to amplify marketing results with collaboration under one roof for your ultimate success. Specializing in lead generation and reputation management. Our digital marketing strategies are extremely targeted and proven effective for a variety of industries.


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@DotcomMktg work is focused on expanding your business in new and exciting ways using digital media trends as part of the optimization process. Digital technologies have changed the way we work, the way we live, and the way we communicate.

Working hand-in-hand with clients our Independent Marketing Director will help you to develop creative marketing and innovative campaign strategies to yield maximum results for virtually any industry searchable online using today’s digital technologies.

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Digital marketing goes beyond driving traffic, but to convert online traffic into a sale, lead, or other desired action! Because we understand the importance of that, our team of marketing experts rely on data to inform every stage of your strategy – and we educate you along the way!

Find out what type of innovative digital marketing strategy our team recommends for your business to expand your business in new and exciting ways.

Transition your web presence into a lead magnet.

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This means Google recognizes that our experience and performance reflect our ability to successfully implement and execute our strategies and drive campaign success.

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Radio, meet Social Media

Revitalize Radio Returns in One Word: Engagement Radio has long been one to the traditional means of advertisement for businesses small and large alike. Concise, localized, and targeted are some of the greatest attributes of advertising over the air, but what about...

Types of Modern Media – What Exactly is Traditional Marketing?

What is "traditional marketing?" Traditional marketing can be thought of as an "outbound" strategy for obtaining and maintaining business. This strategy relies heavily on print advertising, direct mail marketing, broadcast advertising, telephone marketing, cold...
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What to Do When You Get a Negative Review

As a small business owner, you work hard to protect your brand's reputation and you pride yourself in giving your customers the highest level of service. What happens when a customer is not happy and decides to leave their frustrations for all to read in the form of a...
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2019 Conversion Rates Comparison

It's estimated that nearly 60% of all ad spend in the US occurring on just two sites - the digital advertising duopoly of Google and Facebook - most advertising campaigns start and stop with those two platforms. There are lots of considerations that should go into...
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Why Advertising on Instagram is a Must

Advertising on Instagram is a great way to increase your audience, engage your readers, and educate them about your brand. Let's start with this...According to Hootsuite, "there are 800 million monthly active users on Instagram, 60 percent of whom are under 30," so...